Barnabé Fillion


Our Answers in Blue:

Red apples or yellow apples?

Almonds or cashews?

Leather or wool?

Painting or sculpture?

Piano or guitar?

12 pm or 6 pm?

Red or white?

Prose or verse?

Salt or pepper?

Cauliflower or Broccoli?

Sweet breakfast or savory breakfast?

Crazy or boring?

Floor light or ceiling light?

Ask me something.

Scent on the skin, or the scent of the skin?

Umberto Bellardi

Coffee or tea?

Linen or silk?

Cozy or beautiful?

Noon or midnight?

Grass or sand?

Known or unknown?

Laugh at the movies or cry at the movies?

Dance or play?

Spring or autumn?

Salmon or cod?

Cheese or tart?

Train or plane?

Present or present?

Marble or stone?

Ask me something.

Sweet or bitter chocolate? Egyptian linen or Mexican wool?

Nicolas Sisto

Espresso or Americano?

Eggs or pain au chocolat?

Apple; red or yellow?

Salt or pepper?

Pacific or Mediterranean?

Tart or cheese?

12 pm or 6 pm? 6AM!

Almonds or cashews?

Crazy or boring? BORZY

Red or white?

Lunch or dinner?

Prose or verse?

Painting or sculpture?

Substance or beauty?

Leather or wool?

Nightcap or tea?

Get planned or get lost?

Please, ask me (Rafa) something.

What is the color, when black is burned?

Brown Black

Jamie Arendt

Manilla Envelopes

I just want to hold your hand
I just want to touch your hand

The light in here was too bright but the air smelled like earth
The rain made oxygen and today I felt like maybe I could breathe

All I could imagine was running into you downtown

I was building a character and he was you
How did you take your morning coffee?

I was thinking “regular”.

I wanted to see the city next to his mouth

I couldn’t even finish my banana

I thought maybe we could not sleep together
be tired together
wander at night together and wonder why we couldn’t sleep
we could be unhappy together and maybe rely on each other
we could be apart together

José Manuel

Coffee or tea?

Cotton or silk?

Cozy or beautiful?

Noon or midnight?

Grass or sand?

Known or unknown?

Laugh at the movies or cry at the movies?

White or color?

Spring or autumn?

Salmon or cod?

Cheese or cake?

Train or plane?

Present or the space?

Marble or volcanic stone?

Ask me something.

Noise or melody?