A fluid partner,
Akimbo—arms to waist,
Eyes in contact,
Move—follow in motion,
The yin and the yang,
Contrasting, complementing,
Blending into one another,
Different dialects in unison,
Rhythms to the vibrations,
Dance of all dances,
Dialogue of the bodies, of the senses,
Finding the freedom within the discipline,
Gliding above.
About Casa Bosques

Casa Bosques organic chocolate builds on the historical foundations of rich, single-origin cacao from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and other parts of South America. Our mission is to source rare, premium quality cacao beans from specialty producers - transforming them with a refined assortment of fine herbs, spices and other complimentary flavours in a palette ranging from delicate and smooth to complex and invigorating.

Conceived as a personal project by Savvy Studio we offer handcrafted artisanal chocolates of the highest quality. Every bite invites you on a journey of distinctive flavour rooted in the traditions of chocolate-making that began in our home country of Mexico. Our chocolates are now available in select boutique vendors around the world.

“Each type of Casa Bosques chocolate represents a moment or a place in my life story linked to my own sense of wanderlust. Every time I am somewhere new, I imagine a new chocolate variety to represent that moment, place or emotion. Sometimes that means looking into tradition and experiment with friends and chefs in order to explore and learn from each other.”- Rafael Prieto - Founder.

This gets translated continuously into the art direction , each batch changes, as we keep trying different origins based on the season and how nature was with certain lands and knowing their cacao will be great we keep changing the images we use in the covers in order to keep sharing this personal approach to life, food and love for travel.

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